GME Handheld Marine Radio Float & Flash 5/1 Watt

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The GX800W Handheld marine VHF radio offers an advanced feature set with a focus on safety.

Built tough to withstand the harsh marine environment the GX800W handheld VHF radio delivers clear communication in a flexible format.

With an ingress protection rating of IP67 if this high-performance radio is accidentally dropped overboard it will not only float but the LCD will flash brightly ensuring easy location and retrieval.

The GX800W features a large bright LCD display which is clear and easy to read even in low-light conditions.

Featuring 5/1 watt switchable transmission power to reduce battery consumption by selecting the low power setting when using the radio at close range this radio is ideal for communications between a mother ship and tender or at full 5 Watt power for communicating over longer distances.

The GX800W features programmable scan modes including Dual and Triple Watch to program the way in which your radio scans channels to suit your needs.

Dual and Triple Watch enable you to monitor a working or club channel while still being able to receive important broadcasts on Channel 16.

Product Details:

Key Features:
– 5/1 Watt Switchable Transmission Power
– IP67 Ingress Protection
– Float & Flash
– Large Bright LCD Display
– International USA & Canadian Channel Sets
– Programmable Scan Priority Scan Dual & Triple Watch

In The Box:
– VHF Marine Radio (GX800W)
– High Gain Flexible Antenna (AE4024)
– 240V AC Charger
– Wrist Strap
– Belt Clip

Warranty: 2 Years
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.